Our Facility


About Us

This facility was established in 2006 to meet at  demand for a family centered, safe tumbling and cheer gym in Fort  Wayne, IN.  A remodel of the training center in 2012 incorporated a new  fitness area. This addition brought a wide array of adult fitness  classes to the facility in addition to the regular tumbling and cheer schedule. In December of 2017, the gym was purchased by Mark & Kandi Dunwiddie after being part of the gym family for over 9 years. Recently after purchasing, they changed the name to Stealth Athletix to meet the needs of an every growing tumbling, cheer and fitness community.

Stealth Athletix proudly recognizes the importance of safety and  progression involved with cheerleading, tumbling and fitness classes. Our coaches and instructors  have  successfully completed the USASF credentialing program, or fitness credentialing. We provide  professional instruction by trained and certified coaches. Each of our coaches brings consistency, structure and organization into each of  their classes.  We adore our staff and all of the passion, love,  dedication, and work they put into each and every student at Stealth Athletix. It is extremely important to make sure that you are given quality instruction by safety certified instructors. Each of our  instructors is also trained in first aid and is CPR certified.  We  invite you to come to Stealth Athletix and try one of our classes! We  love to grow our Stealth Athletix family.

If you are interested in joining the Stealth Athletix Staff, send your information and resume to kandi@stealthathletix.com

What We Offer

  •  10,000 sq. ft. facility with a recently remodeled fitness area.
  • Amazingly friendly and clean facility that promotes wellness.
  • Experienced, caring and knowledgeable trainers.
  • Numerous tumbling and fitness classes weekly that will fit into busy schedules.
  • Official Spinning Facility.
  • Tumble Trak, Trampoline, 2 Spring Floors (competition size), Rod Floor,  6 Spinner Pro Spinner Bikes, a variety of dumbells, barbells and other fitness equipment
  • Member of USASF (United States All Star Federation).

Our Mission


To provide no less than the most responsible service to coaches, athletes, and their families.

To strive to not only train, but educate coaches and athletes.

To strive to be better  instead of bigger and never let company size replace common sense.