Our staff

Kandi Tom-Dunwiddie

Gym Director

Kandi is originally from Warsaw, Indiana and has her education in  computer science and graphic design. She currently lives in Markle with  her husband of eleven years, Mark, and their two children, Peyton, age  12 and Kendall, age 11.

In January of 2009, Kandi made a life changing decision to get  healthy. Her efforts resulted in over a 100 pound weight loss, increased  energy and a better quality of life. She received her Zumba  certification in 2009 and began teaching immediately. She then continued  her fitness eduction with her Group Fitness Certification, as well as  Spinning, Zumba 2, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba and HipHop Hustle.

Before having children, Kandi coached Middle School and High School  cheerleading in Warsaw. Once her children were no longer newborns, and  she found her home away from home at TX, she made the switch to All-Star  cheerleading. She has been with the TX Elite Cheer program for 7 years.

  • CPR & AED Certified
  • USASF Credentialed
  • Group Fitness Certified
  • ZUMBA 1, 2, Aqua & Toning Certified
  • Piyo Certified
  • Cycling Certified
  • Cize  Certified


Tifani Guin

Elite Program Director & Tumbling Instructor

Tifani began gymnastics when she was just 3 years old. She has always had a passion for tumbling and cheer. Throughout the years she cheered for her middle school, high school, and competed in all-star cheerleading for 5 years. While cheering all-stars she was an assistant coach for the youth team. After aging out of all-star cheer she taught teams of her own. Tifani has had 6 years of experience coaching various level 2, 3, 4, and 5 all-star teams. Currently a senior at IPFW, she will have her bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in December 2018.  Tifani currently is teaching tumbling levels 4 & 5 and will be joining the competitive cheerleading coaching staff for the 2018-2019 season.

  • USASF Credentialed 
  • CPR certified

Tori Dantzer

Elite Cheer Coach, School Squad Specialist and Tumbling Instructor

Tori has been with the gym since the spring of 2016. She is  currently studying Early Childhood Education at IPFW, where she also a  member of the school's cheer team. Tori cheered on the Norwell High  School varsity cheer team for four years, before graduating in 2015.  During her time before college, she spent 8 years in All-Star  cheerleading, competing with a senior level 4 team, and a senior level 5  Worlds team. Tori is passionate about helping kids of all ages reach  their full potential. Tori can be found teaching bunnies, bees, bugs and  levels 1-5 at Stealth Athletix, coaching area school teams, as well as part of the Stealth cheerleading coaching staff. 

  • USASF Credentialed
  • CPR Certified

Mary Fink

Elite Cheer Coach & Tumbling Specialist

Mary Fink has been with our family for 10 years and has been coaching  here for since 2012. She is a Junior and is currently studying Health  and Exercise Science at USF. She is a graduate of Bishop Luers, where  she was involved in many sports including Cheer. Mary has a passion  toward helping athletes reach their fullest potential in athletics and  life. Mary coaches all tumbling levels from the 2 year olds to the level 4/5 classes at Stealth Athletix and is one of the coaches for the competitive cheer teams.

  • USASF Credentialed
  • CPR Certified

Carlee Turner

Elite Cheer Coach & Tumbling Instructor

 Carlee has been with the gym since the Summer of 2017. She is  currently studying Marketing and Communications at the University of  Saint Francis. She is also a member of the universities cheerleading  squad. Carlee cheered on many competitive cheerleading teams before  retiring from All-Star cheer in 2016. Starting her All-star career at  the age of 9, she competed on a junior level 3 team, junior level 4, and  a senior level 5 team that had the opportunity to perform at the Worlds  Competition at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Carlee can be found  teaching bees, bugs and level 1 classes at Stealth Athletix and is  also apart of the competitive cheerleading coaching staff! 

  • USASF Credentialed

Nicole Westrick

Elite Cheer Coach & Tumbling Instructor

Nicole started tumbling when she was 10 years old. She has many years of  experience in cheerleading from middle school, high school, all-star to  college, where she cheers at the University of Saint Francis. As a  cheerleader on the USF team, she has competed in the NAIA division where  they were the runner-up for the 2016-2017 season, and third place for the 2017-2018 season. While attending  college, Nicole assists in coaching the New Haven High School cheer  team. Cheerleading and tumbling has always been a big part of her life. Nicole currently coaches level 1 and level 2 tumbling classes and is looking forward to being a part of the competitive cheerleading coaching staff for the 2018-2019 season.

Chelsea Reust

Tumbling Instructor & Customer Service

Chelsea has been a part of the family since 2010, when she began  taking classes. Chelsea cheered in high school, for TX Elite, and for  some time at the collegiate level. We appreciate Chelsea’s strong work  ethic, passion to help her students succeed, and her drive to reach her  own personal goals. These characteristics make her a valuable asset to Stealth Athletix.  Currently, Chelsea works at our Front Desk as well coaching beginner and intermediate tumbling classes. 

Haylie Miller

Tumbling Instructor

Haylie Miller joined the staff in 2013. She is finishing her  Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at IPFW. Haylie has cheered  and tumbled at both a school and competitive level. She cheered  competitively in middle school and high school!  Haylie’s patience, guidance, and love for all of her students makes her  an outstanding coach, she is a great asset to Stealth Athletix.

Alexyea Ward

Tumbling Instructor

Alexyea Ward has been involved in all-star cheerleading for 14 years now  and it still continues to be her passion. Ever since Alexyea was 12 she  was put on a level 5 Worlds team, where she has had the opportunity of  attending cheerleading worlds 5 times. Just last year she was named a  top 25 female athlete in the country for tumbling.  Alexyea is currently  a student at Huntington North High School and plans on finishing high  school in only 3 years. After she finishes High School she has plans on  achieving her goal of cheering at the University of Kentucky. Alexyea  enjoys working with kids of all ages and helping them reach to the best  of their potential. She is excited to now be a part of the Stealth Athletix  family! 

Kierra King

Tumbling Instructor

Kierra has been with gym since the summer of 2017 but has  previously tumbled there as a student for many years, she is currently a  senior at Homestead High School and has been on the cheer team all 4  years. She has competitively cheered at HHS for 2 years. Kierra has a  passion to help athletes gain the dedication she has and to also reach  the students full potential. Kierra has previous experience with the  bugs and bees. You can find her teaching levels 1, 2 & 3 tumbling classes.

Brooke Krider

Tumbling Instructor

Brooke is currently a senior at Homestead High School and will be attending Ball State University next year where she'll be studying psychology while cheering on the Ball State Co-Ed Team. Brooke's history of cheerleading includes Summit Middles School, Homestead High School as well as competing in All-Star Cheer for the past 9 years. Brooke has competed six times at the Cheerleading Worlds, receiving the 2017 Bronze with the Top Gun Lady Jags team. This past year she also joined the Homestead Gymnastics team. She is dedicated and has a passion for making athletes reach their full potential, motivating them to be the best athlete the can become. You can find Brooke teaching all levels of tumbling at Stealth. 

  • CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

Madi Hoffacker

Tumbling Instructor

 Madison Hoffacker has been apart of the staff since the beginning of  July 2017. Madison grew up at the gym while being apart of many of the  all-star teams from 2nd through 6th grade. After  learning to love competitive cheerleading at the gym, she joined the Woodside  Middle School cheer team while being one of the captains both her 7th and 8th  grade years. As she has attended high school she has become the  assistant coach for the Woodside team and assisted them in a state championship for the past 2 years. Madison can be found coaching bugs and bees on  Mondays and Wednesday! 

Tatum Howard

Asst. Tumbling Instructor

Tatum has been with gym since the spring of 2018 but has  previously tumbled  there as a student for many years, she is currently a  sophomore at  Homestead High School and has been on the Homestead cheer team and has cheered competitively. Tatum has a drive to help each athlete succeed and enjoys seeing the joy it brings to them. You can find Tatum assisting in the bees and bugs tumbling classes.

Katie Martin

Tumbling Instructor

Katie has been with Stealth since the fall of 2017. Katie cheered on the  Northside Varsity cheer team for all four years in high school, as well  as on their dance team for two years before graduating in 2016. She is  currently studying Early Childhood Education at IPFW. Recently, Katie  was accepted into the Disney College Program in Orlando, FL. and will be  attending for the spring 2018 semester. Katie is currently teaching  classes from the beginner to intermediate level tumbling classes.

Kim Truesdell

Fitness Instructor

Kim Truesdell Bio

Alicia Iannettoni

Fitness Instructor

My name is Alicia Iannettoni.  I am a group fitness instructor, personal  trainer, and Beachbody Live Master Trainer.  Group fitness has been my  passion for over 10 years.  I am currently certified in PiYo, CIZE,  Turbokick, Insanity, Country Heat, and Bootcamp.  I was born and raised  in Syracuse, NY and my family and I spent the last 6 years in Fort  Worth, Texas.  We just recently relocated to Fort Wayne.  I have been  married to my husband Andrew for 8 years and we have two girls named  Arianna and Alexa.  When I am not teaching I enjoy traveling, reading,  Netflix, dancing, and a good margarita.